Thursday, December 25, 2008

Who am i?

well there is a point of time in life when we start thinking who we are? What is our reason of existence? What is that 'special something' that we are hare for? and we start think eventually who we are? When people may call it being 'philosophical' i call it being 'practical'. Because i feel that this is what which brings purpose to our life. It helps us to strive for excellence and to attain the unattainable.

Well certainly i cannot tell whether our life is an illusion. But one thing i can always promise myself is that i should LIVE my life at extreme. Enjoy every bit of it and Strive to serve the purpose of my existence.

I think may be sometime the more authentic question than 'who am i?' is 'what i can become?'. Because the later question leaves no room for illusion but only help to choose the path that is best suited to us. The question motivates us to achieve something an our life and can bring colors to our life.

I should always try to ask such questions to myself which can serve some purpose in my life and can help me to become a more productive and creative and innovative human being.

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